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Silver Link RCA Connector

In keeping up with improving our existing line ET Research is proud to introduce the New Silver LINK RCA Connector. With updated Housing which further reduces exposure to any EMI/RF noise which can influence the sound of your music.


The ETI Research Silver Link RCA is the evolution of the famous Silver Bullet that has been recognized by many as the finest RCA Connector you can buy. It is not so much as improvement on the actual connector as much as we wanted to improve the EMI/RF noise rejection that is the major problem of noise influencing the signal, when the Bullet was first designed by Rob Woodland years ago.

With the LINK Aluminium Housing this will help ensure keep the Audio signal clean from these influences. The Silver LINK RCA Connector is not just another Silver RCA connector as we pride ourselves on the material and the design.

The major criteria to keep influences of the connector away is to get rid of the mass. Sound can be altered do to the capacitance and added resistance of having more mass than is needed. It is actually cheaper to build big and bulky connectors as machining is kept to a minimum.

When you look at the Silver LINK connectors you can see that as much mass has been machined away to keep the audio signal from having to deal with the influences mentioned before.

More of the Silver is machined away than what is left making the signal pins. Unlike most of the copies on the market the Silver LINK is hollow and while it is much more expensive to machine this way, the sound improvement is worth it.

The return pin is unique compared to the copies on the market as it is assembled by hand into the body. This helps to make sure that the Silver LINK can handle years of stress that is applied when connecting to equipment.

This is what separates the Silver LINK from many Silver Connectors on the market. First of all the Silver LINK is pure Silver, not plated but made from pure Silver. ETI Research sources the pure Silver from foundry in England which custom makes the Silver rods for us to machine.

While many offer what is called Silver products at a very reasonable cost, the sourcing of our Silver is important as we are proud that it is a recognized pure Silver not just silver with purity claims.

With assay report verifying that the Silver 99.99% pure ETI Research stands by our claim of what we supply. Now to many 99.99% pure may not seem to be that pure as claims of 99.999% and 99.9999% purity products have been ‘offered’ for years.

To get this amount of purity is very very hard and very very expensive to get. Most foundries will only supply 99.99% as this is industry standard and when Silver is sold as a commodity it is 99.99%. If you find an offer of higher purity then ask for the Assay report.

Since we supply pure Silver then the price will be indicative of the spot price on the commodity market. ETI Research works hard at keeping the price of the Silver LINK stable and will only alter the price higher if spot price increases when we purchase.

Most Silver nowadays is no more than 99.9% no matter the claims made and most likely will be even more impure if Silver prices increase in the future.

ETI Research Silver Link RCA Connector features:

  • Pure silver signal pin with pure silver return (Silver sourced from UK foundry)
  • Aluminium housing