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Brio RCA Connector

The ETI Research Brio RCA Connector features the same design as the Kryo RCA but with Rhodium plating instead of Silver.


The Brio RCA is a Rhodium-plated version of the legendary ETI Bullet and a custom Brass housing. Still the low-mass design with the signal pin being machined now from OCC (1100 series Copper) that due to the crystal structure offers IACS rating of 102%.With this improvement, you can get even greater transparency and less interference than other RCA connectors on the market.

ETI Research is the originator of the star grounding design and has a lower mass than any of the copies on the market. The hollow design enables walls with a thickness of 0.6mm on the signal pin, giving you the capability to solder the wire at the very top, which eliminates the signal from going through as much mass as on other star grounding designs.

Since the return pin features a very low-mass design, to make it from ordinary Hardened Copper would not give the strength or durability required for soldering and everyday use. Therefore, the Kryo RCA Return Pin is made from Tellurium Copper, which maintains the connection strength needed to last for years and years without breakage or degradation of audio quality.

The housing of the unit is made from Brass which offers superior vibration damping and EMI/RJ rejection. When we first started making the original Bullet we did not have to worry about all the electromagnetic radiation that is now floating around our audio systems. But today, with all the processors and switching power supplies commonly used throughout the industry, our audio systems are in a bath of noise.

This shift in industry adoption of contributors to EMI necessitated the change to Brass because it has very good EMI/RF noise rejection so as to keep your signal as clean as it possibly can be.

The ETI Research Brio RCA Connector has twin strain relief screws to keep your cable and the connection away from all the plugging and pulling stress many of these connectors are exposed to.

Innovations and refinements of the ETI Research Brio RCA Connector include:

  • The signal pin is made from 1100 Series Copper with an IACS rating of 102%;
  • The return pin is made from Tellurium Copper not only for great conductivity but also to handle the pressure and abuse of connecting and disconnecting for years on end;
  • Rhodium plating that will not tarnish and has long-lasting durability;
  • Housings made from Brass for superior vibration damping and high EMI/RF noise rejection; and
  • ETI Research’s innovative star grounding design for the best possible audio signal transfer.