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Legato AC Receptacle

The Legato AC receptacle is built to the same high standards as our Legato AC Connectors and uses 1100 Series Copper for the conductors, and not brass as other inferior receptacles do.


The Legato AC Receptacle uses 1100 Series Copper on all conductors , for it’s uniform fine grain structure and IACS rating of 102%. With no adverse constraints that can come from brass or other alloys you can be assured that the Legato AC Receptacle will be perfect for your AC connections.

The ETI Research Legato AC Receptacle is designed to be the finest AC Receptacle you can buy today, and it is the perfect match with our Legato USA AC Connectors.

  • Housing made from translucent polymer
  • All conductors are made from 1100 Series Copper
  • Direct Gold plated conductor pins
  • Firm grip on AC Connector
  • Rating 2 Pole, 2 Wire, Ground 20A 125V AC
  • Accepts 8-12AWG Wire
  • Dielectric Voltage: 2000V AC
  • Insulation resistance: 100M Ohm 500V AC
  • Certified UL CUL
  • UL Standard UL498
  • Available in USA Version Only